Presidential Campaigns, California Style

October 12, 2011 · Filed Under CA Politics, Elections · 2 Comments 

Getty/Darren McCollester

As Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has ramped up his rhetoric on the topic of illegal immigration in the 2012 race for the White House, you can forgive California political watchers if they feel a sense of déjà vu.

Not just on the issue itself: we actually heard almost the exact same words and phrases in the 2010 race for governor.
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Voters More Diverse... and Confused... Than Ever

Getty/Kevork Djansezian

In politics, there's often a danger in relying too much on conventional wisdom. And a just released statewide poll on the November election confirms that danger, as it seems California's electorate is starting to look and act differently than expected.

In a nutshell: white voters and partisans lost, the generation gap is growing, and a wide swath of voters seem ready for change... though admitting they're also confused.
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GOP's Cooley Beats... GOP's Whitman

November 22, 2010 · Filed Under CA Politics, Elections, Political Parties and Independents · Comments Off 

Getty/Kevork Djansezian

It may not be much of a consolation prize if the current trend in the vote count continues, but the most popular California Republican on Election Day was Steve Cooley.

The party's standard bearer, Meg Whitman, looks as though she'll come in third.
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Brown's Challenges, Whitman's Adieu

November 7, 2010 · Filed Under CA Politics, Elections, The Governor · 7 Comments 

Every election finds the gap between the winner and loser widening at an exponential rate after the results come in; winners become leaders-in-waiting, losers find themselves knee deep in the muck of criticism and post-game analysis.

So no one should be surprised how fast the worlds of Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman are moving in opposite directions.
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Call the Coroner: The Election Post-Mortem

November 3, 2010 · Filed Under CA Budget, CA Politics, Elections, The Governor · 1 Comment 

Getty/Kevork Djansezian

Happy Democrats. Angry Republicans. Mixed messages from the voters. Three admittedly obvious but major stories this morning from California's 2010 elections.
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Jerry, Meg: The Wee Small Hours

October 31, 2010 · Filed Under CA Politics, Elections · Comments Off 

Getty/Justin Sullivan

Jerry Brown was making his way out of a packed diner in downtown Chico. He'd just given a thorough, though a bit rambling, defense of why he is asking voters to again elect him as governor. And now, he was shaking hands and thanking the final throng of folks who had waited outside and listened on a loudspeaker to his remarks inside.

"Go get 'em!" yelled a supporter.

To which Brown replied, "Well, they're gonna get me, too." Maybe, if things go his way.

The undeniable fact about this long, bitter, and expensive race for governor is this: like it or not, someone's getting this job come daybreak on Wednesday.
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Campaign Check: The Final Analysis

October 31, 2010 · Filed Under CA Politics, Elections · Comments Off 

KQED/John Myers

The long, ugly, and unbelievably expensive race for governor is almost over. And now, the tough question: have the voters really learned what they need to know to make an informed choice?

Our final Campaign Check segment on this weekend's newsmagazine edition of The California Report takes a look at that issue, as well as one of the most unusual moments you're likely to see in a political campaign.
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Field Poll: Brown Over Whitman By 10

October 28, 2010 · Filed Under CA Politics, Elections · 1 Comment 

Getty Images

There's a reason that everyone loves the famous photo of Harry Truman holding up the newspaper that mistakenly pronounced his political death: it seems to prove that 'it ain't over 'til it's over.'

Perhaps Meg Whitman and her supporters won't exactly spend the final few days of this 2010 gubernatorial contest channeling Truman, but there's a growing sense out that the CEO-turned-candidate will have to pull off one of the greatest California comebacks in recent memory to become the state's next governor.

This morning's Field Poll seems to confirm the findings of every other recent statewide polls and puts the race for governor into pretty solid Democratic control: Jerry Brown 49%, Whitman 39%, 5% someone else, 7% still undecided.
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Meg, Not Arnold, Makes World Series Bet

October 27, 2010 · Filed Under CA Politics, The Governor · 2 Comments 

Getty Images/Ezra Shaw

Let's state the obvious from the get-go: bets between politicians are corny. No one really cares what knickknack or cuisine from someone's home state will be served up to the victor of a sporting event.

But as the World Series kicks off tonight, there's a bet on the table between California and Texas, but it's not a friendly wager between the state's chief executives.

Rather, it's a bet between a chief executive and chief executive wannabe.
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Jerry Pledges, Meg Explains, Arnold Loves It

October 26, 2010 · Filed Under CA Politics, Elections · 3 Comments 

AP/Matt Sayles

She had them, she lost them. He answered a big question weakly, but quickly jumped on the bandwagon of positivity. And the guy who seemed to be loving every minute of it: the departing incumbent.

Consider that to be the bottom line of today's unusual event in Long beach, which featured both major candidates for governor and the man whose job they have one more week for which to fight.
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