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Analyst Urges Legislators Think Hard on Brown's Tax Plans

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Governor Jerry Brown’s quest to have voters approve a multi-million dollar tax increase is key to his plan for balancing the state’s books. But might the uncertainty of winning that election force deep spending cuts now by officials who will … Continue reading »

LAO Predicts Trigger Pulled On Budget Cuts

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The annual fiscal forecast of the Legislative Analyst’s Office is always interesting to budget wonks, but never so consequential to the services used by millions of Californians as it is this year. That forecast, released this morning, projects the state … Continue reading »

LAO: Chances of Getting Arnold's DC Wish List "Almost Non-Existent"

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The Legislature’s non-partisan cadre of analysts has weighed in on some of the big assumptions and proposals in Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new budget plan. And while many of the ideas are looked upon favorably, one glaring exception is the Guv’s … Continue reading »

$21 Billion Deficit Now, Worse Later

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The headline, rushed online yesterday by news outlets looking for a scoop, makes it clear the state’s budget woes aren’t getting better. Maybe even worse. But deeper inside the new in-depth analysis of the Legislative Analyst’s Office are examples of … Continue reading »

$21 Billion Deficit Could Grow to $24 Billion

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[UPDATE: It appears that Schwarzenegger is now abandoning his call for about $5.5 billion in borrowing for the year starting July 1, a borrowing plan that the LAO (see below) has criticized. That means, according to his advisers, more spending … Continue reading »

Prop 1A: Not Quite A Cap, Not Just For Rainy Days

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The rhetoric in support and opposition of the marquee measure on next month’s special election ballot is fairly simple. The measure itself is anything but. On this morning’s edition of The California Report, we presented the first of two stories … Continue reading »

Itchy Trigger Day 2: "Mass Confusion"

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“There’s mass confusion still at this stage.” That’s what Governor Schwarzenegger said today about efforts to find precise estimates in both how much money California is getting from the federal stimulus package… and… how much of that money counts toward … Continue reading »

Leg Analyst: Guv's Math Ok, Solutions... So-So

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Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor’s new quick look at Governor Schwarzenegger’s budget says the calculations seem reasonable, but that there are some better ideas out there for solving the $40 billion shortfall. The nonpartisan budget guru (relied on by those of … Continue reading »

Bad? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

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It’s kind of hard to be surprised by bad economic and budget news in California these days. After all, there’s virtual unanimty that we’re in deep you-know-what. And yet, today’s full analysis by the Legislature’s nonpartisan budget watchers is still … Continue reading »

LAO: $28 Billion Gap, $22 Billion A Year After That

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No, you didn’t read that headline incorrectly. This morning’s report by Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor finds a state budget meltdown that certainly would rank among the very worst ever seen, if the numbers hold up: an almost $28 billion shortfall … Continue reading »