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Analyst Sees $2 Billion Less In Brown Tax 2.0

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Governor Jerry Brown is no doubt happy that his modified tax increase initiative has already received its fiscal vetting, less than 48 hours after being formally introduced. But that vetting doesn’t settle on an estimate of how much tax revenue … Continue reading »

The Great Capitol Capital Gains Debate

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For years, we’ve all talked about how dependent California government is on the taxes paid by the state’s most wealthy. Those dollars, often coming from their investments, can fluctuate from changes in the economy or tax policy. But this year, … Continue reading »

Analyst Urges Legislators Think Hard on Brown's Tax Plans

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Governor Jerry Brown’s quest to have voters approve a multi-million dollar tax increase is key to his plan for balancing the state’s books. But might the uncertainty of winning that election force deep spending cuts now by officials who will … Continue reading »

LAO Predicts Trigger Pulled On Budget Cuts

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The annual fiscal forecast of the Legislative Analyst’s Office is always interesting to budget wonks, but never so consequential to the services used by millions of Californians as it is this year. That forecast, released this morning, projects the state … Continue reading »

Analyst: Take a Pass on Tinkering With Current Worker Pensions

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While referring to Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal for changes in public employee pensions as a “bold, excellent starting point,” the state’s independent fiscal analyst’s office nonetheless concludes that neither Brown’s proposal — nor any other — that seeks to rejigger … Continue reading »

An Education on the Education Budget

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For all of the state tax dollars being spent on California’s public schools, here’s a statistic that seems to show the impact of several years of budget woes: 17% of the state’s K-12 funding is now money being ‘borrowed’ from … Continue reading »

Brown's Budget: Good Start. How Will It Finish?

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Governor Jerry Brown racked up probably his last seal of approval today for the kickoff campaign in support of his budget proposal, a campaign that’s shaping up more like a race. And like any good race, what’s much tougher is … Continue reading »

Jerry, Meet Gridlock; Gridlock, Jerry.

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Governor-elect Jerry Brown started Wednesday’s unique state budget event with a calm assurance to all in attendance that he wanted to focus on the problems, not possible solutions. But the audience of state and local lawmakers couldn’t contain their partisan … Continue reading »

Sell Those Buildings, But At What Cost?

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As soon as next month, 11 office buildings owned and occupied by the state of California will drop the ‘owned’ part of that description, after clearing a major hurdle this morning that critics continue to say is a budget deal … Continue reading »

LAO's $25 Billion Bombshell

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You don’t need to read far into today’s sobering assessment of California’s finances from the Legislature’s nonpartisan analysts — a $25.4 billion deficit– to find the kind of tough medicine the state needs, but which no elected official will probably … Continue reading »