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9 Stories To Watch In '10

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Rather than the standard year in review, it’s hopefully more worthwhile to make note of a few of the sagas from the world of California government and politics in 2009 that are likely to keep playing out long past the … Continue reading »

"An Incredibly Moving Experience"

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That was the sentiment of John Perez of Los Angeles after Assembly Democrats unanimously chose him today to be the fifth Speaker of the Assembly in just the last nine years.

Bass: Perez is Next Speaker

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The 68th Speaker of the California Assembly has been chosen by a majority of the chambers Democratic majority — so says the 67th leader of the lower house, Assembly Speaker Karen Bass. The new leader, says Bass, is Asssemblymember John … Continue reading »

Soulmates Arnold & Abel, Soul Searching For Dems

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Let the political handwringing begin. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lieutenant Governor-designate Abel Maldonado made their big debut this morning at an event in Los Angeles, with the Guv calling Maldo his “soulmate,” and the GOP senator offering an almost tearful … Continue reading »

Dems Push For One Less Furlough Day

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Arguing that the furloughs of tens of thousands of state workers is “costing the state money and further hurting the economy,” the leader of the state Senate says he intends to push a plan to trim the three days of … Continue reading »

Uncertain Fate for Prison Fix-Lite

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For those who wanted a quick fix to California’s prison woes, some advice: don’t hold your breath. Eleven days after the state Senate narrowly approved a wide-ranging plan to change the prison system, the Assembly has now approved a much … Continue reading »

Jailhouse Blues

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As we reported in this morning’s radio story for The California Report, yesterday’s action (and inaction) by the Legislature on a major prison reform bill fell victim to one of the essential truths in politics: a deal’s not done until … Continue reading »

Line Item Vetoes: Legal or Not?

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My Wesbter’s Dictionary defines an appropriation as “money officially authorized to be paid from a public treasury.” If only it were that simple. Expect a heated debate in the near future as to whether Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s decision last week … Continue reading »

The Hangover

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By now, most of us who lived through the saga that resulted in a package of proposals to resolve the state’s budget deficit have recovered. But in the same way you’d clean up the beer bottles, empty the trash, and … Continue reading »

"We've Stalled Over Education"

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That was the assessment of Assembly Speaker Karen Bass as negotiations over the state’s massive budget deficit ended tonight with no deal, a major change in tone from earlier in the day when a deal seemed imminent. The ‘Big Five’ … Continue reading »