Reporter's Notebook: From Budget Cash to Court Clash

December 10, 2011 · Filed Under Ballot Measures, CA Budget, CA Politics, Elections · 1 Comment 

Few things make eyes bleary and heads throb more than reading government ledger sheets and complex, legalese court rulings. Throw in some minutiae about best budget practices and gubernatorial style... and you've got a full week.

Hence, the weekend cleanup from the Reporter's Notebook.
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710,924 Signatures for Overturning Senate Map. And Yet...

Citizens Redistricting Commission

The sole challenge to the work of California's citizen redistricting panel appears to have crossed a significant milestone over the weekend, but still faces some tough odds to actually blocking the use of the panel's work in 2012.

Starting last Thursday and concluding on Sunday, the political team that pushed the referendum against the state Senate districts drawn by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission turned in 710,924 signatures to elections officials in 57 California counties -- enough, they believe, to place the measure on the November 2012 ballot.
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Redistricting Referendum Timeline Tight... or Impossible?

October 15, 2011 · Filed Under CA Politics, Elections · 2 Comments 

Senate Map/CA Redistricting Commission

California's top elections official belives there won't be enough time for a court-appointed panel -- if one is chosen -- to redraw the state's political maps for the 2012 elections.

That's the gist of a legal filing by Secretary of State Debra Bowen in the California Supreme Court fight over the maps drawn by the state's Citizens Redistricting Commission. And it highlights not only a simmering debate over how to interpret the language of 2010's Proposition 20, but the long and bitter history of redistricting fights in California.
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Redistricting Maps Official. Soon, Officially Challenged.

August 15, 2011 · Filed Under Ballot Measures, CA Politics, Elections · 2 Comments 

KQED/John Myers

You'd be hard pressed to describe the mood of most members of California's first-ever independent redistricting effort as anything other than relieved -- relieved that a very long and complex process has come to its official end with certification of 177 newly created political districts.

But their relief didn't come without a very public airing of some internal commission disagreements, ones which we may hear more about as critics of the maps mount formal challenges in the coming weeks.
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