Campaign Treasurer Scandal: "It's Quite a Mess"

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It was hard not to notice the campaign fundraising event held this week in Sacramento for Assemblymember Jose Solorio. Granted, it was for his 2014 Senate campaign. But Solorio's future political endeavors would no doubt be easier to pursue if his Assembly campaign account had in it the cash he he thought it did on September 2.

That's when Solorio was called by an FBI agent, who said investigators believed that much of his campaign cash had been unlawfully taken -- and spent -- by his campaign treasuer, Kinde Durkee.

"It's quite a mess," said the Orange County Democrat in an interview this week.
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The Lite Guv Intrigue Continues

February 8, 2010 · Filed Under CA Government, CA Politics, People · Comments Off 

The nominee getting hit from both the left and the right... the urgency, or lack thereof, in having a new #2... and the fact that someone's actually doing the job as we speak.

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Yes, another intriguing week in store over a job that never gets any press in normal times: the office of lieutenant governor and the chances this month that Republican Abel Maldonado will get to order some new business cards.

It's no surprise that the choice of Maldonado by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger faces a tougher, much more uncertain road in the Assembly than in the Senate. Last week's quick hearing before the Senate Rules Committee made it clear that, in the words of one Democratic senator, the "comity" of the upper house is going to prevail in elevating the senator from the Central Coast to the post.

Today, the lower house drama began to play out, with three Democratic assemblymembers summoning reporters to discuss the various reasons they plan to say 'no' to Maldo.
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