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Vetoes Mark End to (Another) Ugly Budget

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has wielded the power of his office, and his line item veto, over California’s budget for the last time, a dysfunctional and deficit-plagued process that shaped not only his rise to the state’s highest office but one … Continue reading »

Budget +34: "Governing Is A Tough Thing"

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That was a comment uttered Tuesday afternoon by the leader of the state Senate, and truer words have never been spoken… especially when it comes to the now annual saga of plugging the leaks in California’s seemingly sinking ship of … Continue reading »

Budget +9: Rhetorical Flourishes

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Perhaps it should be stipulated at the outset of this posting that virtually all elected officials frame data points in a way that helps make their case. Creative license in the world of politics knows no party or ideology… it … Continue reading »

Budget Borrowing...Or Not

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Most budget watchers will tell you that 2004’s Proposition 58 bans borrowing to pay off deficits. But what constitutes deficit borrowing? Welcome to the world of state budgeting. Governor Schwarzenegger said today that the ban includes an Assembly Democratic proposal … Continue reading »

Soda Pop & Oil Erase The Deficit?

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Assembly Speaker John Perez and his fellow Democrats are lining up behind a budget deficit fix that mixes soda pop, crude oil pumped out of the ground in California, and cold hard cash from Wall Street investors. Seriously.

Radio: Federal Budget Help

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On this morning’s edition of The California Report, I wrote a bit of a preview story about the coming budget debate and the reliance on help from the feds. The story also comes as the two leaders of the Legislature, … Continue reading »

Throwdown Over the "Politics" of Maldo

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It’s always fun when politicians decry the evils of politics. And so it is again today, as Democrats and Governor Schwarzenegger spar over whose to blame for the Guv’s decision to schedule two stand alone elections for replacing Abel Maldonado … Continue reading »

Legislature, Heal Thyself

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Listening to today’s news conference from legislative leaders announcing a package of proposals to fix the dysfunction that permeates the state Capitol brought to mind those late night TV commercials for incredible whiz bang products, where after you’re offered more … Continue reading »

Speaker #68 Takes The Gavel

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“I intend to lead as you expect me to: boldly, creatively, and decisively.” That’s the pledge, and the promise of Assembly Speaker John Perez as he takes the helm leading the lower house of the California Legislature for what will … Continue reading »

Doing The Maldo Limbo

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It was a day full of partisan bickering, political maneuvering, and threatened legal action. In short… the kind of day that’s helped fuel the perception that California’s statehouse is stuck in never-ending dysfunction. And through all that, by day’s end … Continue reading »