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Presidential Hugs and Brickbats

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There’s plenty of coverage out there of President Barack Obama’s southern California trip… which leaves a niche politics blog to highlight something else — and that’s what a difference a few months can make.

Arnold on Obama: Too Few Muscles, Too Much Money?

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It was vintage Arnold Schwarzenegger today in Columbus Ohio, as the guv stumped for GOP presidential nominee John McCain. Two parts of his intro of McCain are worth noting, the first for its mocking humor. “The next Arnold Classic [held … Continue reading »

Arnold: Ohio Redux?

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It appears that Governor Schwarzenegger is heading back to Ohio, ground zero for presidential elections. At a campaign event this morning in San Diego in support of Proposition 11, Schwarzenegger said that a trip to the Buckeye State is on … Continue reading »

RNC Day 4: I Accept Your Nomination

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ST. PAUL — And now, the day they’ve been waiting for. Last night’s big speech from the new VP candidate was big, but this is the night the Republican National Convention is all about: Sen. John McCain’s acceptance of the … Continue reading »

The Guv's Win-Win?

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Governor Schwarzenegger’s appearance at the Bay Area Council’s annual event this morning felt more like a celebrity interview than a policy discussion, though perhaps that changed after the first 20 minutes or so… which is when the video feed went … Continue reading »