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Sell Those Buildings, But At What Cost?

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As soon as next month, 11 office buildings owned and occupied by the state of California will drop the ‘owned’ part of that description, after clearing a major hurdle this morning that critics continue to say is a budget deal … Continue reading »

Budget +93: At Last, A Deal

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And now, perhaps the beginning of the end of a saga we’re all tired of living through: legislative leaders and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have finally resolved their differences over a new spending plan for the state. The agreement announced tonight … Continue reading »

Bell: The Political Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Public corruption scandals are, first and foremost, tragic sagas for the citizens who feel they’ve been hoodwinked. They also often leave a residual stain on thousands of good public servants who do their jobs without fanfare or fraud. But these … Continue reading »

Budget +71: Enough Cash... For Now

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And now, the rare good news as the 2010 budget impasses continues to slouch toward the top (bottom?) of the record books: the state appears to have enough cash in the bank to avoid sending out IOUs anytime soon. That’s … Continue reading »

Budget + 49: IOUs In 2-4 Weeks

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A budget impasse that lasts beyond Labor Day could lead to another year of California issuing IOUs instead of cash for invoices owed. But, says Controller John Chiang, he’s not issuing a firm deadline to lawmakers this time around.

Budget +16: Paychecks Proceed

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There are going to be a lot of sighs breathed after today’s court hearing on whether most state employees will get minimum wage on August 2 — sighs of relief from workers and, perhaps, sighs of frustration from the administration … Continue reading »

Budget +6: Confabs & Codes

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If you’re just tuning back in to budget news from the long holiday weekend, fear not: you haven’t missed much on what appear to be the two real fronts of the 2010 budget war: legislative action and state employee paychecks. … Continue reading »

Budget +2: Paycheck Blues

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Question: When is 19 billion a smaller number than 200,000? Answer: When you’re comparing California’s budget gap, a still somewhat abstract reality,to the number of state workers now seriously worried that they’re on the verge of seeing their paychecks cut … Continue reading »

Budget Borrowing...Or Not

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Most budget watchers will tell you that 2004’s Proposition 58 bans borrowing to pay off deficits. But what constitutes deficit borrowing? Welcome to the world of state budgeting. Governor Schwarzenegger said today that the ban includes an Assembly Democratic proposal … Continue reading »

"The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Nothing"

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That’s the stern message delivered today to the Legislature and Governor Schwarzenegger by the state’s chief financial officer in hopes of avoiding a second straight year of too little cash to pay the bills. In a letter to the leaders … Continue reading »