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The Initiative Love Affair Continues

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Tonight’s new poll from the Public Policy Institute of California is, as always, chock full of items that are worth mulling over: a bitterly divided state over the issue of gay marriage, lousy approval ratings for the governor and legislators, … Continue reading »

Speaking of Campaign Cash...

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A quick look at some of the big bucks on the statewide ballot measure front… based on amounts in play. The combined campaign cash raised this year for these five measures alone: $155.2 million. Proposition 8: The battle to ban … Continue reading »

A Drought of Water, A Flood of Propositions?

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The main story out of today’s news conference from Governor Schwarzenegger is, of course, important news: the governor has officially proclaimed a drought in California but has stopped short of imposing water restrictions, opting instead to first try and get … Continue reading »