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California Political Stories to Watch in 2012

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A new year has arrived and, now that we’ve closed the book on 2011, here’s a glimpse into the crystal ball at what might be some of the interesting things around the bend in California politics for 2012. Yes, some … Continue reading »

State Poised to Lose Indian Casino Cash?

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As legislators ratified a new state budget last week, it’s doubtful that many of them considered the dangers to that budget posed by the final legal smackdown of California’s attempt to get a cut of millions of dollars in tribal … Continue reading »

Another Year Older and Deeper In Debt

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Wow, what did I miss? The short answer, apparently is… not much. A drizzling rain is falling here in Sacramento on this first day after the holiday break. And yes, Virginia, there is still a budget crisis. Governor Schwarzenegger is … Continue reading »

Governor Says Yes To New Indian Casino

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Governor Schwarzenegger has agreed to a new expansion of Indian gaming in California, and for the the second time in his tenure he’s made a casino deal that seems to set precedent. This time: two tribes from different regions of … Continue reading »

No Federal Approval, No Casino?

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Legislation to change how, and possibly where, new Indian casinos are built in California cleared its first hurdle today at the state Capitol. For years, the most controversial part of the tribal gaming process has been casinos proposed for land … Continue reading »