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Does California Need A Budget Cop?

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The one thing that the recent debate over who gets to call a California budget balanced has shown… is that perhaps the old system has finally run its course. For generations, legislators and governors promised that the state’s fiscal plan … Continue reading »

Untangling The Local-State Knot

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Talk to enough veterans of the world of California government and you come to realize that one key element in ‘fixing’ what ails the state may be trying to untangle the complicated, and often dysfunctional, relationship between cities and counties … Continue reading »

Reform: To Look Forward, Look Back

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Fixing what’s broken with government in California is very much in vogue these days. And while consensus may not yet exist on what should be fixed and how, here’s something undeniable: it’s been tried before, and the results sometimes might … Continue reading »

An Expiration Date for Forecasts?

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There’s a lot of attention focused right now on the state’s pending sale of short-term notes to ease a seasonal ebb in tax revenues, and rightly so. But all of that clamor about the state’s gloomy finances again being in … Continue reading »