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Watching the Tax Dollars Come In

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Wednesday 10:49 a.m. update: The last two days since this posting was written have been huge for income tax receipts — almost $1.9 billion in just 48 hours, thus putting the state on a path to possibly exceeding expectations. No … Continue reading »

Do I Hear 20? Going Once...

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If you’re one of those folks who are following the latest discussions about the fiscal troubles of the state, a word of advice: believe everything. Or nothing. Or something in between. Spending and revenue estimates in Sacramento are always like … Continue reading »

Tax Cash Increases... But Enough?

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It looks like the flow of moneycoming in to state coffers has picked up as personal income tax returns are processed, but there’s still a long ways to go. As mentioned last week, Controller John Chiang has a new page … Continue reading »

Tax Blues... State Government-Style

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Yes, it’s April 15th. Yes, it’s not a fun day for those of us (myself included) who wrote a check to the state. But this year, it’s even worse if you’re a state lawmaker trying to balance the books for … Continue reading »

California to O.J., Others: Pay Up

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With April 15 right around the corner, state tax officials have released their list of the biggest tax debts owed to the Golden State… and it’s hard to miss the name of O.J. Simpson coming in at #15. Actually, the … Continue reading »