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Field Poll: Brown Over Whitman By 10

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There’s a reason that everyone loves the famous photo of Harry Truman holding up the newspaper that mistakenly pronounced his political death: it seems to prove that ‘it ain’t over ’til it’s over.’ Perhaps Meg Whitman and her supporters won’t … Continue reading »

Yes on Majority Budget, Water Bond?

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There will be an awful lot of tongues wagging in the Capitol this morning, as a new statewide poll shows a large lead for the November ballot measure to allow the state budget to be passed by a simple legislative … Continue reading »

Dear Voters: Find Another $6 Billion

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MEMO TO: California Voters FROM: Member, Shrinking Capitol Press Corps RE: Budget Math Based on this morning’s Field Poll, voters, you’re going to need to do a whole lot more work before hanging any ‘Mission Accomplished’ banners on this year’s … Continue reading »

Meg's Big Mo

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If last Tuesday marked a low point for the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, today shows how fast the PR pendulum can swing, as a new poll shows her ahead of all candidates — including Democrat Jerry Brown. … Continue reading »

More Left, More Right... Bigger Gap

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The second and final day of then-versus-now comparisons by the venerable Field Poll makes it easy to see how the seeds of discontent and disagreement have flowered among partisan voters in California these last three decades. In short: Democrats are … Continue reading »

Older, Whiter, And Settled Down

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This morning brings the latest in a series of studies that shows how different the people who actually vote in California are from the state’s population as a whole. It also shows how different those voters are than the ones … Continue reading »

The Next Governor Is... Ummm...

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Talk about a poll that only prompts more speculation. Today’s Field Poll on the potential matchups of Democrats and Republicans for next year’s race for governor is proof positive that this race is wide open. An awful lot of presumed … Continue reading »

Voters: Pols Not Up to the Task?

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 22 — The old joke, in various forms, is that if a politician wants a friend, he or she should get a dog. That’s good advice for state legislators and Governor Schwarzenegger if today’s Field Poll is … Continue reading »

No Winning Ticket Yet

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 16 — Today’s confab between legislative leaders and Governor Schwarzenegger certainly didn’t resolve the budget impasse, but it did feature some serious talk on a familiar subject: the California Lottery. The roughly two hour meeting of the … Continue reading »

The California Paradox

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When people speak of “The French Paradox,” they’re referring to that pesky disconnect between the high fat diets of the people of France and their relatively low rates of heart disease. But perhaps we need to promote our own paradox … Continue reading »