Budget Dreams and Dangers of Facebook's IPO

February 2, 2012 · Filed Under CA Budget, Taxes · 1 Comment 

The smart estimate: an eventual budget bump of a "few hundred million dollars." (Photo: Getty/Ryan Anson)

In the world of state budget writing, the past is often prologue. And that's why news of a tech company's dazzling initial public offering is nothing new in Sacramento, and why there's both hope... and caution.

And the bottom line: the eventual capital gains from the 2012 Facebook IPO will no doubt help balance the state's books. But the smart bet is that it won't be enough to stave off the vast majority of the tough choices that lie ahead.
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California Political Stories to Watch in 2012

January 1, 2012 · Filed Under CA Government, CA Politics · 6 Comments 

A new year has arrived and, now that we've closed the book on 2011, here's a glimpse into the crystal ball at what might be some of the interesting things around the bend in California politics for 2012.

Yes, some of them are more likely than others. But foresight isn't 20/20, so take this with all of the appropriate caveats.
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