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Speaking of Cash...

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There’s certainly no lack of money available when it comes to those who hope to woo voters to their side on November 4. Daily campaign finance filings show a few interesting contributions and donors that have popped up over the … Continue reading »

Money Honey

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It’s been a lousy day to talk money for ordinary folks, but a busy day on the money trail for political reporters in California… as the latest pre-election campaign finance reports give a quick glimpse at cash raised, spent, and … Continue reading »

RNC Day 4: I Accept Your Nomination

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ST. PAUL — And now, the day they’ve been waiting for. Last night’s big speech from the new VP candidate was big, but this is the night the Republican National Convention is all about: Sen. John McCain’s acceptance of the … Continue reading »

RNC Day 1: The National Sideshow

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ST. PAUL — The first day of this 2008 Republican National Convention will likely be remembered for what didn’t happen. With a whole day of whooping and hollering and celebrating all planned and ready to go, convention organizers have pulled … Continue reading »

Deadline Schmedline

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 42 — It’s the unofficial motto of procrastinators everywhere: why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? So it goes, too, with state government. While the budget deadline has been the big news for weeks … Continue reading »

And In Other Capitol News...

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You mean there was other news today besides the governor’s executive order on state employee pay? * DON’T BORROW IT HERE: Chalk up another group that’s ratcheting up the anger over possible plans to balance the budget by tapping into … Continue reading »

Welcome, Prop 12. Any More Takers?

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With a stroke of the pen, Governor Schwarzenegger has added a twelfth proposal to the November statewide ballot… a big ballot that may still grow bigger. The governor placed a $900 million bond measure on the ballot to provide low-interest … Continue reading »

One Deadline Comes & Goes

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Early summer is deadline season at the state Capitol. Legislation must move out of policy committees, the state budget is supposed to be enacted, and… in an election year… legislators and the governor must act to place proposals on the … Continue reading »

Redistricting: Ballot Measure #11

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A long November ballot for California voters just got longer, as Secretary of State Debra Bowen has certified a proposal to strip legislators of the power to draw their own political districts. The redistricting proposal was penned by representatives of … Continue reading »

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

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The year was 1940, a year when war was on the horizon and the big political chatter centered on whether Franklin D. Roosevelt would run for an unprecedented third term in the White House. That was the last time California … Continue reading »