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Audit: $26.7 Million "Improperly" Spent By Prison Receiver

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A new state audit concludes the original federally court appointed receiver overseeing health care in California prisons “improperly” approved $26.7 million in spending on information technology needs. State Auditor Elaine Howle’s new report raps the knuckles of the receivership program … Continue reading »

State Audit: Dual Jobs, Lots of Vacation, Happy Hour at Work

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You can say one thing about those pesky state auditors: they sure are picky about how taxpayer dollars are spent. The annual report on “Improper Activities by State Employees” is out from the Bureau of State Audits, chock full of … Continue reading »

Audit: New Death Row To Cost Even More

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The state auditor is out with a report this morning sure to further complicate not only the state’s financial picture, but the larger debate over expenses and needs inside California’s prisons. The news: a new Death Row facility at San … Continue reading »