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Redistricting Panel: Glamorous, It Ain't

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When an attorney suggested this morning that the men and women who will draw California’s political maps could benefit from snuggling up some weekend with a copy of the state’s open meetings law, you could feel the reality set in. … Continue reading »

36 Potential Redistricting Commissioners

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The four legislative leaders have made their alloted strikes to the pool of men and women who are still eligible for seat on California’s first independent redistricting panel, leaving now the final applicants — eight of which will actually be … Continue reading »

Free Rent, Double Dipping, Cheap Sleeps

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Let’s stipulate from the outset that just because there are some bad apples in the state workforce, the whole cart isn’t full of mushy fruit. There are no doubt tens of thousands of government employees who work hard and follow … Continue reading »

Redistricting Panel: Hot Potato! Not It!

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MISSING: 22,525 Californians LAST SEEN: Submitting an initial application for the new Citizens Redistricting Commission DESCRIPTION: Not as white, male, or partisan as those left behind No final tally yet exists of the total pool of applicants vying for one … Continue reading »

Might Redistricting Process Run Out of Cash?

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Just a little over a year after voters created an independent commission to draw most of California’s political maps, the process is costing a lot more money than was allocated. In fact, it’s possible the commission that’s slated to convene … Continue reading »

Naughty State Workers: The 2009 Edition

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It’s not a big story, but an interesting one: the annual report from state auditors of government workers who have done wrong. And this year doesn’t disappoint: improper travel expenses, inappropriate email, unnecessary consultants, and more.

Stimulus Money: Watching the Watchers

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California’s portion of the federal stimulus money seems to be flowing a little faster every day. And with it comes folks watching how it will be spent. A lot of folks. On this morning’s edition of The California Report, I … Continue reading »

When Is Surplus Property Surplus?

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A popular topic for those inside the state Capitol rooting around for spare change to help close the annual budget gap has been to get rid of surplus state property. And yet, a state audit released today shows that it’s … Continue reading »

Audit: A Bad Fiscal Year

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Not that you needed a formal audit of California government to know it, but today’s detailed report gives some final clarity to how much the state took in last year… and how much more it spent.

State Budget "High Risk," Says Auditor

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When Governor Schwarzenegger ran in the 2003 recall election, he promised a full audit of state’s finances that would finally shed light on the causes of California’s budget dysfunction. But the much ballyhooed audit actually ended up being a short … Continue reading »