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Redistricting Win, Lose, or Draw

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More competition. More moderate politicians. Less sleazy deal making. More good stuff. Less bad stuff. Like so many electoral efforts, the two campaigns waged in favor of independent redistricting promised a lot of fixes to California voters tired of dysfunctional … Continue reading »

Revenues, Talks, Votes?

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The big immediate news in California these last few days has been the devastating wildfires burning through the Southland. Even so, the inferno that is the state budget crisis appears ready to rekindle here in Sacramento. The state Senate has … Continue reading »

Dems: $11.2 Billion Budget Gap

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The current and incoming leaders of the Senate said today that state government faces an $11.2 billion gap between revenues and expenditures in the fiscal year that began just four months ago. That figure, according to Senate President pro Tem … Continue reading »

Not Over, You Say?

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“So many tears I’ve cried. So much pain inside. But baby it ain’t over ’til it’s over.” — Lenny Kravitz BUDGET DAY PLUS 78 — An unexpected and curious meeting took place this afternoon between the four legislative leaders and … Continue reading »

Budget: Return To Sender

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 77 — So what should we call it? Extra Innings? The Throw Down in Sac Town? Maybe various riffs on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie career? Whatever it ends up being labeled, the budget saga took a decidedly … Continue reading »

Senate Budget Vote Tomorrow

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 58 — In hopes of ending a budget stalemate that’s so far looked to be one for the record books, the state Senate tomorrow will vote on a budget plan that hinges on the chances of a … Continue reading »

Budget Borrowing, Or Not?

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[see below for update] BUDGET DAY 50 — Welcome to the newest saga in the budget drama of 2008: will the budget impasse be resolved with borrowing big bucks earmarked by voters for other government services, and are legislative Republicans … Continue reading »

Perata Attempts To Squelch Borrowing Buzz

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 29 — The hallmark of a good horror movie is that just when everyone thinks they’ve stabbed, or strangled, or mutilated the monster to death… he rears up again, scaring the bejeebers out of everyone. In budget … Continue reading »

No Winning Ticket Yet

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 16 — Today’s confab between legislative leaders and Governor Schwarzenegger certainly didn’t resolve the budget impasse, but it did feature some serious talk on a familiar subject: the California Lottery. The roughly two hour meeting of the … Continue reading »

Dems vs. Dems Over Pro Tem Help

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A nasty war of words is raging among Democrats over the state party’s recent — and hefty — contribution to the legal defense fund of Senate President pro Tem Don Perata. Less than two weeks ago, the California Democratic Party … Continue reading »