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Notebook: Budget Blues, Campaign Trash Talk

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As the week comes to a close, two of the state’s dominant political stories — the ongoing budget saga and the race for governor — both seemed to lurch into a new gear. One low, the other high. One more … Continue reading »

Budget +43: Impasse Yes, Furloughs No (For Now)

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It’s a tired old adage that “It’s always darkest just before dawn,” and yet that’s the usual course of summer budget impasses here at the state Capitol. Just when the problem seems most unfixable, a deal is struck and everyone … Continue reading »

Budget +34: "Governing Is A Tough Thing"

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That was a comment uttered Tuesday afternoon by the leader of the state Senate, and truer words have never been spoken… especially when it comes to the now annual saga of plugging the leaks in California’s seemingly sinking ship of … Continue reading »

Jailhouse Blues

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As we reported in this morning’s radio story for The California Report, yesterday’s action (and inaction) by the Legislature on a major prison reform bill fell victim to one of the essential truths in politics: a deal’s not done until … Continue reading »

Don't Touch That Dial

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You’re not really surprised that things turned out this way today, are you? Of course, that’s not to say that some parts of today’s budget news weren’t unexpected. And few would venture a guess as to what happens next… though … Continue reading »

Arnold's Message: Yes, We Can

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Arnold Schwarzenegger the optimist was back on display this morning in his brief, and serious, speech to a joint session of the Legislature. But the governor, who’s fond of saying that “he alone cannot lift” the fiscal weights of California, … Continue reading »

Arnold to GOP: Math Lessons

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You know that old saying about the “elephant in the room”? The thing on everyone’s mind but not being mentioned? In Governor Schwarzenegger’s hastily arranged budget news conference, the elephant in the room… was the elephant-logoed party members who sit … Continue reading »

The Hammer Falls, the Deficit Grows

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Yowza. Drama is nothing new in politics, and certainly not in state budget standoffs. But you’ve got to take your hat off to Republicans in the state Senate after the midnight massacre, where now former leader Sen. Dave Cogdill was … Continue reading »