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Redistricting Referendum Timeline Tight... or Impossible?

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California’s top elections official belives there won’t be enough time for a court-appointed panel — if one is chosen — to redraw the state’s political maps for the 2012 elections. That’s the gist of a legal filing by Secretary of … Continue reading »

November Props Pros & Cons

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Unusual alliances… pointed and sometimes personal arguments… and independent analysis — all can be found in the newly released draft documents for this November statewide ballot guide.

The Blanket Veto

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With the fatigue of the budget saga slowly starting to fade (especially for those of us who took a few days off, which explains for the missing podcast last week), the annual process of bill signings and vetoes is also … Continue reading »

Welcome, Prop 12. Any More Takers?

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With a stroke of the pen, Governor Schwarzenegger has added a twelfth proposal to the November statewide ballot… a big ballot that may still grow bigger. The governor placed a $900 million bond measure on the ballot to provide low-interest … Continue reading »

Redistricting: Ballot Measure #11

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A long November ballot for California voters just got longer, as Secretary of State Debra Bowen has certified a proposal to strip legislators of the power to draw their own political districts. The redistricting proposal was penned by representatives of … Continue reading »

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

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The year was 1940, a year when war was on the horizon and the big political chatter centered on whether Franklin D. Roosevelt would run for an unprecedented third term in the White House. That was the last time California … Continue reading »

Mark Those Ballots Correctly

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Hang around the folks who conduct elections long enough and you’ll start to see that some voting snafus are hard to prevent. That’s not to say that elections officials are perfect, nor is it to imply that there aren’t other … Continue reading »