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Maldo Gets The Nod. Now What?

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The guessing game is over, now that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger used the most unlikely of platforms — a national TV talk show — to announce a political decision that only matters here in California, his choice for lieutenant governor. And … Continue reading »

Guv's Executive Order: Hurry Up and Wait

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 34 — Today, a reminder of Reason Number 2,332,716 of how state government differs from the private sector: even urgent things happen slowly. Today, the actual policy issues leading to the budget stalemate have taken a back … Continue reading »

Give 'Em Some Gas, Says Senator

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With the future of the California Lottery still under discussion in this dismal budget season, one state legislator is pitching a way to increase lottery sales: gas giveaways. Sen. Dean Florez (D-Shafter) said today that he’d like to see lottery … Continue reading »

No Federal Approval, No Casino?

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Legislation to change how, and possibly where, new Indian casinos are built in California cleared its first hurdle today at the state Capitol. For years, the most controversial part of the tribal gaming process has been casinos proposed for land … Continue reading »