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The Modifying Measures, Props 1D & 1E

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It’s one of the maxims of California politics: what the voters do, often only the voters can undo. And that’s the real story of Proposition 1D and Proposition 1E, both which were placed on the ballot by the Legislature in … Continue reading »

No Mantra Deviation

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Well, get ready for Budget Drama Day Three. With the necessary votes still elusive, the Senate adjourned tonight without acting on the full $42 billion deficit proposal that has been debated in public, and private, for more than 24 hours … Continue reading »

Budget... Suspended Animation

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“The answer is no.” Those were the words of Sen. Dave Cox, a Republican from the Sacramento suburbs who was widely believed to be the decisive third GOP vote for the $40 billion budget proposal. But at 3:30 a.m. this … Continue reading »

We Need New Ideas. From 2004.

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Like every good state Capitol denizen, I still have the yellow books sitting on a shelf here in the bureau. It’s a handsomely bound set dominated by two volumes each the size of a San Francisco phone book, emblazoned with … Continue reading »