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Arnold to GOP: Math Lessons

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You know that old saying about the “elephant in the room”? The thing on everyone’s mind but not being mentioned? In Governor Schwarzenegger’s hastily arranged budget news conference, the elephant in the room… was the elephant-logoed party members who sit … Continue reading »

The Hammer Falls, the Deficit Grows

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Yowza. Drama is nothing new in politics, and certainly not in state budget standoffs. But you’ve got to take your hat off to Republicans in the state Senate after the midnight massacre, where now former leader Sen. Dave Cogdill was … Continue reading »

GOP Budget Plan: $22 Billion, No Taxes

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Legislative Republicans have crunched the numbers on their proposal for erasing some, but probably not all, of the shortfall facing the state over the next 18 months — a $22 billion proposal that suggests more than $2 in cuts for … Continue reading »

Not Over, You Say?

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“So many tears I’ve cried. So much pain inside. But baby it ain’t over ’til it’s over.” — Lenny Kravitz BUDGET DAY PLUS 78 — An unexpected and curious meeting took place this afternoon between the four legislative leaders and … Continue reading »

Budget: Return To Sender

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 77 — So what should we call it? Extra Innings? The Throw Down in Sac Town? Maybe various riffs on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie career? Whatever it ends up being labeled, the budget saga took a decidedly … Continue reading »

Budget Borrowing, Or Not?

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[see below for update] BUDGET DAY 50 — Welcome to the newest saga in the budget drama of 2008: will the budget impasse be resolved with borrowing big bucks earmarked by voters for other government services, and are legislative Republicans … Continue reading »

Welcome, Prop 12. Any More Takers?

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With a stroke of the pen, Governor Schwarzenegger has added a twelfth proposal to the November statewide ballot… a big ballot that may still grow bigger. The governor placed a $900 million bond measure on the ballot to provide low-interest … Continue reading »

The Pros and Cons of Spending Caps

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With all of the talk this week, and this budget season, about a new constitutionally mandated cap on state spending, we decided to take a wider view of the issue. On this morning’s edition of The California Report, I reported … Continue reading »

The Problem Is The Problem

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On the surface, the pitched PR battle waged today between Democrats and Republicans seems like it’s flavored with a dash of the same old spin. But in reality, it goes to the heart of the literal budget problem that’s plagued … Continue reading »