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Budget: Good or Bad, It's Done

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171 days after Governor Jerry Brown proposed a spending plan to the Legislature, Brown sat at a table in his Capitol office and signed a compromise on-time version into law, one that adheres to most of his suggested cuts, skips … Continue reading »

Brown Blocks Dems' Budget Shot

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In a move that set the Capitol ablaze with chatter and — depending on your company — either praise or scorn, Governor Jerry Brown today vetoed the budget sent to him less than 24 hours ago by his fellow Democrats. … Continue reading »

Teachers: More Money for Schools. GOP: Okay

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It wasn’t the main narrative of Monday’s school funding protests, but chances are it’s in just about every reporter’s story (mine included): Republicans agree to give educators the money they want for the coming year. Of course, few may have … Continue reading »

New Governor, Familiar Fight?

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One wonders how much longer the relatively civil political climate that’s dominated state politics these last few weeks can continue. In fact, there’s a case to be made that it ended Monday night… when Governor Jerry Brown publicly prodded legislative … Continue reading »