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Notebook: Vacant Seats, Smaller Donations?

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The dog days of summer, especially in this unusual year where the Legislature finished its work on deadline and then adjourned for a month, leave a lot of time for contemplation. Hence, a Reporter’s Notebook entry that could be called … Continue reading »

$1 Billion in Political Cash Since Prop 34

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Voters supporting limits on campaign contributions would do well to remember the old adage that money will always find its way into politics, the same way water finds its way through the cracks of anything holding it back. And a … Continue reading »

The Lopsided Money Race. As Expected.

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With six big ballot measures and some of the state’s most prolific campaign fundraisers involved, you’d think it would take a lot of bandwith to monitor the political cash being amassed for the May 19 special election. But you’d be … Continue reading »

Speaking of Campaign Cash...

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A quick look at some of the big bucks on the statewide ballot measure front… based on amounts in play. The combined campaign cash raised this year for these five measures alone: $155.2 million. Proposition 8: The battle to ban … Continue reading »

9 Capitol Jobs = $37 Million and Counting

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An examination of the latest campaign finance data shows a handful of contested legislative races are racking up some big bucks, through both candidate controlled committees and those operating independently of the campaigns. These nine races — seven in the … Continue reading »

Speaking of Cash...

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There’s certainly no lack of money available when it comes to those who hope to woo voters to their side on November 4. Daily campaign finance filings show a few interesting contributions and donors that have popped up over the … Continue reading »

Money Honey

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It’s been a lousy day to talk money for ordinary folks, but a busy day on the money trail for political reporters in California… as the latest pre-election campaign finance reports give a quick glimpse at cash raised, spent, and … Continue reading »

IE M-o-n-e-y

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Some new numbers reinforce the growing influence of independent expenditure committees, those political entities that can raise and spend money in unlimited amounts because they’re not controlled by candidates for office. Data compiled by the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission … Continue reading »

The Quiet Influence of Independent Expenditures

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It seems like California’s official campaign finance watchdog is barking a little louder these days about the role of money in politics. And its top target: the murky world of interest groups who ostensibly operate independently of the campaigns run … Continue reading »