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The Costs of Brown's Pension Plan... In Money and Politics

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For weeks, the conventional wisdom around the Capitol has been that Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal to create a hybrid pension/401(k) system for future government employees faced long odds with legislative Democrats. Now, they’ve got something on which to base their … Continue reading »

Budget +54: Swaps And Swipes?

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It should be noted at the outset that when budget deals are struck, things happen fast. It can be a matter of hours or days between a handshake and a signature on an enacted spending plan. Still, we’re starting to … Continue reading »

State Worker Retirement Cost: $48.2 Billion

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If there’s any issue facing state government that’s not quite reared its ugly head… but will… it’s the price tag for retirement benefits of state employees. And today, a new estimate of those costs may only reinforce the notion that … Continue reading »

Socially Responsible or Fiscal Fiasco?

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A controversial piece of legislation linking the human rights records of some foreign governments to how and where California’s pension funds can invest… has been shelved for the time being. Several weeks of intense behind-the-scenes debate over new efforts to … Continue reading »