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Brown May Have Found Tax Sweet Spot, Says Poll

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A new statewide poll suggests Governor Jerry Brown may very well start out his initiative campaign to raise taxes with a bit of a tailwind, though it offers clues on how that breeze could still switch directions. First, the headline … Continue reading »

Partisan Gridlock No, Political Battle Yes

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For a governor who took office with more actual experience than virtually any elected leader in modern times, the long-awaited announcement of a budget-related initiative seems to mark the official end to Act I of Jerry Brown’s return to Sacramento. … Continue reading »

Podcast: It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...

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Well, it’s beginning to look a lot like election season. And this season, we may be talking an awful lot about taxes. This week’s Capital Notes Podcast takes a look at the vast array of tax increase initiatives now being … Continue reading »

The Crowding Field of 2012 Tax Initiatives

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California voters have long had a reputation as anti-tax, a reputation that explains why so many proposals either fizzle before ever making it to the ballot… or are roundly rejected on Election Day. But the November 2012 ballot appears poised … Continue reading »

The Oil Tax Sticky Wicket

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Few new tax proposals have dominated the recent political debate in Sacramento like calls for a new levy on each barrel of oil produced in California. Both sides say it’s a no-brainer; not surprisingly, it’s a little more complicated than … Continue reading »

Will The Big Budget Tax Break Pay Off?

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Last month’s mammoth budget deal was widely known to have included a relatively large tax increase to help erase a $40 billion deficit. Not so widely known, though, was that it also included a tax break for some of the … Continue reading »

Budget Road Show: Those Darn Taxes

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“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” It’s a great line from a great movie. And in politics, it’s used to convey the sleight of hand that’s so common when it comes to fiery campaign rhetoric that occasionally … Continue reading »

A Tax Increase, By Any Other Name...

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As the two houses of the Legislature prepare to convene to debate, and supposedly approve, a new state budget… it’s hard to avoid thinking about the concept of taxes, specifically because just about everyone’s tax payments would go up under … Continue reading »

RNC Day 2: Onward

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ST. PAUL — And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. The Republican National Convention is back with a full schedule as muggy, wet weather sinks in on the Twin Cities. California delegates have a full day planned. In fact, … Continue reading »

Budget Borrowing, Or Not?

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[see below for update] BUDGET DAY 50 — Welcome to the newest saga in the budget drama of 2008: will the budget impasse be resolved with borrowing big bucks earmarked by voters for other government services, and are legislative Republicans … Continue reading »