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Nolo Contendre = Solo Contender?

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Consider it the first big news in the 2010 race for governor of California, and it came 221 days before the June primary: the nomination of the state’s dominant political party appears to be safely in the hands of a … Continue reading »

More Left, More Right... Bigger Gap

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The second and final day of then-versus-now comparisons by the venerable Field Poll makes it easy to see how the seeds of discontent and disagreement have flowered among partisan voters in California these last three decades. In short: Democrats are … Continue reading »

Older, Whiter, And Settled Down

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This morning brings the latest in a series of studies that shows how different the people who actually vote in California are from the state’s population as a whole. It also shows how different those voters are than the ones … Continue reading »

In The Shadow of History

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Well, you won’t be surprised to learn things are quiet on this day in California’s statehouse, with all the political oxygen sucked out towards the east and the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States. Many of California’s … Continue reading »

California's Political Past, Online

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[note: still trying to figure out why the formatting is mucked up below… apologies] Call it a glimpse into California’s political past. That’s one way to describe a collection of fascinating photographs now online from the archives of Time and … Continue reading »

IE M-o-n-e-y

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Some new numbers reinforce the growing influence of independent expenditure committees, those political entities that can raise and spend money in unlimited amounts because they’re not controlled by candidates for office. Data compiled by the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission … Continue reading »

The Quiet Influence of Independent Expenditures

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It seems like California’s official campaign finance watchdog is barking a little louder these days about the role of money in politics. And its top target: the murky world of interest groups who ostensibly operate independently of the campaigns run … Continue reading »