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The Cash Advance of Prop 1C

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Perhaps no operation of state government has been sized up for reform more in recent years than the California Lottery. Lease it… sell it… remove the existing restrictions… all have been discussed in hopes of getting higher profits out of … Continue reading »

The Not So Early Poll

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The first public polls on any ballot measures before election day should usually be taken with a grain of salt; after all, the voters still don’t know very much about the proposals, and the election is usually a long ways … Continue reading »

Budget Jackpot?

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The audio is here: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] In next year’s special election, voters will be ask to change… and essentially sever… the almost 24-year relationship between the California Lottery and public education. They’ll also be asked … Continue reading »

Sunday, Budget Sunday

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[Below was tonight’s “live blogging” of the Assembly budget debate and vote. Thanks to all of you who wrote in while it was happening. By the way, the original Sunday budget preview posting is now here.] 8:16pm Budget fails to … Continue reading »

The Elusive Budget Jackpot, Part II

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 28 — For more than a year, the California Lottery has been a tempting, and theoretical, treasure chest for lawmakers in search of a government cash infusion. But there’s no guarantee that the treasure chest actually has … Continue reading »

The Elusive Budget Jackpot, Part I

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 27 — With this year’s budget negotiations continually coming back to some scheme, any scheme it seems, to extract money from the California Lottery, some context seems to be in order. On this morning’s edition of The … Continue reading »

No Winning Ticket Yet

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 16 — Today’s confab between legislative leaders and Governor Schwarzenegger certainly didn’t resolve the budget impasse, but it did feature some serious talk on a familiar subject: the California Lottery. The roughly two hour meeting of the … Continue reading »

Give 'Em Some Gas, Says Senator

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With the future of the California Lottery still under discussion in this dismal budget season, one state legislator is pitching a way to increase lottery sales: gas giveaways. Sen. Dean Florez (D-Shafter) said today that he’d like to see lottery … Continue reading »

One Deadline Comes & Goes

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Early summer is deadline season at the state Capitol. Legislation must move out of policy committees, the state budget is supposed to be enacted, and… in an election year… legislators and the governor must act to place proposals on the … Continue reading »

A Drought of Water, A Flood of Propositions?

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The main story out of today’s news conference from Governor Schwarzenegger is, of course, important news: the governor has officially proclaimed a drought in California but has stopped short of imposing water restrictions, opting instead to first try and get … Continue reading »