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Radio: Federal Budget Help

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On this morning’s edition of The California Report, I wrote a bit of a preview story about the coming budget debate and the reliance on help from the feds. The story also comes as the two leaders of the Legislature, … Continue reading »

The Budget Deficit & Renting The Future

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You probably don’t need any reminders of just how bad the options are for resolving California’s state budget woes. And yet, one section in today’s new analysis of a plan to sell state office buildings and then lease them back … Continue reading »

Tax Revenue Blues

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Going into the month of April, there was optimism about the state’s tax revenues. But unless things change in a hurry, that optimism is about to replaced by some cold hard facts, and too little cold hard cash. Data from … Continue reading »

Budget Initiative Battle Line: Fees

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If you follow California politics, you’re well versed in the pros and cons of reducing the legislative vote for a new state budget to a simple majority of each house. But should the issue make it to the ballot this … Continue reading »

Podcast: The Moolah

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Some of my friends who aren’t fans of politics have asked me, “Why can’t all that money spent on campaigns be used to help balance the state budget?” That paradox — plenty of political cash, too little budget cash — … Continue reading »

Dear Voters: Find Another $6 Billion

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MEMO TO: California Voters FROM: Member, Shrinking Capitol Press Corps RE: Budget Math Based on this morning’s Field Poll, voters, you’re going to need to do a whole lot more work before hanging any ‘Mission Accomplished’ banners on this year’s … Continue reading »

The League of Extraordinary Budget Sessions

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“The Budget Debate Is Over. Long Live The Budget Debate!” A California version of the rally cry of the perpetual monarchy seems appropriate, as the constitutional clock on the extra special fiscal Armageddon emergency session has expired… and yet here … Continue reading »

Bass: Perez is Next Speaker

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The 68th Speaker of the California Assembly has been chosen by a majority of the chambers Democratic majority — so says the 67th leader of the lower house, Assembly Speaker Karen Bass. The new leader, says Bass, is Asssemblymember John … Continue reading »

$21 Billion Deficit Now, Worse Later

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The headline, rushed online yesterday by news outlets looking for a scoop, makes it clear the state’s budget woes aren’t getting better. Maybe even worse. But deeper inside the new in-depth analysis of the Legislative Analyst’s Office are examples of … Continue reading »

Biz Study: Big Burdens, But Unclear Assumptions

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A long awaited study of the costs to small businesses from state regulations is finally out, and on first blush seems to reinforce the argument that state lawmakers should scale back their meddling ways. But the study appears thin on … Continue reading »