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$8 Billion in Cuts, $8 Billion in Taxes Up For a Vote

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One of two things will happen as the Legislature convenes today to consider solutions to the state’s big budget mess: either a handful of Republicans will cross party lines and do something they’ve never done before… or we’ll be right … Continue reading »

Take Legislators' Pay For Good, Says Guv

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Governor Schwarzenegger may have just latched on to an idea for an amendment to the state Constitution that would probably be the easiest to pass in history: no legislative pay for a late budget, and no payback of missed pay… … Continue reading »

Voters: Pols Not Up to the Task?

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 22 — The old joke, in various forms, is that if a politician wants a friend, he or she should get a dog. That’s good advice for state legislators and Governor Schwarzenegger if today’s Field Poll is … Continue reading »

One Deadline Comes & Goes

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Early summer is deadline season at the state Capitol. Legislation must move out of policy committees, the state budget is supposed to be enacted, and… in an election year… legislators and the governor must act to place proposals on the … Continue reading »

A Pox On All of You

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Is there anyone running state government the voters like? On this election day, a sobering analysis from the Field Poll: voters are less than enamored with either Governor Schwarzenegger or his colleagues in the Legislature. The guv’s job approval numbers … Continue reading »