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Part-Time Legislature? Not This Year

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The proposed initiative to rescind California’s 44-year-old full time Legislature dies an official death today. But given the low esteem in which the institution is held by voters, the news is less a cause for celebration by legislators… as perhaps … Continue reading »

When All Was Said And Done

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The Great ‘Give Me Water or I’ll Give You Vetoes’ Showdown of 2009 is now over. And as is often the case around the Capitol, everyone lives to fight another day. Just after 9:30 pm last night, Governor Schwarzenegger released … Continue reading »

Too Much But Not Enough

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A cease-fire to the water wars that have lasted for most of California’s modern existence. A prison overcrowding problem that’s about to be yanked from state control by federal judges. A broad expansion of California’s commitment to sources of renewable … Continue reading »

Part-Time Legislature Initiative Filed

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Well, you had to know it was coming. In the wake of yesterday’s all-budget special election, a former candidate for the Legislature has formally filed an initiative to knock the California Legislature back to part-time status, more than four decades … Continue reading »

Cut Politician Pay. Oh Wait, We Can't?

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[UPDATE 2:33pm – Apparently the governor was watching what happened, as described below. He’s just announced three new members of the commission, thus filling all the vacancies. Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear says the governor supports the 10% lawmaker pay cut … Continue reading »

Speaker Nixes Pay Raises

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Proving once again that in politics, perception often trumps all else, Assembly Speaker Karen Bass has canceled pay raises for staffers in the lower house.

Audit: A Bad Fiscal Year

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Not that you needed a formal audit of California government to know it, but today’s detailed report gives some final clarity to how much the state took in last year… and how much more it spent.

California to Legislature: Drop Dead

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Will all those who are happy with the Legislature, its handling of the state’s $40 billion budget hole, and the way it’s communicating about what happens next please stand up? I don’t see anyone… and that’s not just because I’m … Continue reading »

Dem Proposals Heading to Guv

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It’s not quite over, but there will be no surprise that the Democratic package of majority vote taxes and spending cuts will be on its way to Governor Schwarzenegger by mid-afternoon. Then what? The Schwarzenegger administration worked the phones of … Continue reading »

Let's Do The (Budget) Time Warp Again

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Welcome back, Legislature. Man, don’t we all feel rested? Per the state constitution, today marks the convening of a brand new two-year session of the California Legislature, where more than two dozen rookies join seasoned vets under the Capitol dome … Continue reading »