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Bonds Selling Fast. But Why?

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Some good financial news for California coming out of the office of Treasurer Bill Lockyer this morning, as more than half of the planned $4 billion in state general obligation bonds were sold before midday on the West Coast. A … Continue reading »

The Itchy (Budget) Trigger

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And now, the latest developments from the “Clear as Mud” files… everyone who’s anyone around the state Capitol wants to know whether California’s share of the federal economic stimulus package is large enough to allow some of the less-than-loved budget … Continue reading »

Buy Early, Buy Often

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Today marks the beginning of probably the most closely watched California bond offering in recent memory, as the state plops the bait in the rough waters of Wall Street… waiting for a bite. A big bite. The state treasurer’s office … Continue reading »

Wall Street Loans to California on Hold?

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With the historic budget impasse’s conclusion, it may be conventional wisdom to think the state’s fiscal woes are — at least temporarily — over. But this morning, the state’s top investment officer warned that California is in danger of running … Continue reading »