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The Worldly Observations of Jerry Brown

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In this morning’s story on The California Report recapping the California Democratic Party’s convention, I attempted to convey the top election year priority of many delegates — jobs and the economy — and how that concern might play out in … Continue reading »

Oil Drilling Deal, Act III

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Set aside the details of today’s unveiling of a revised deal that seeks to swap new, limited offshore oil drilling in exchange for early shutdown of larger drilling operations plus land protection… and here’s the bottom line: Is there anything … Continue reading »

Even If It's Amnesty, Is It Okay?

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The newest statewide poll of voters seems to validate one part of the Steve Poizner strategy in his quest for the GOP gubernatorial nomination while rejecting another… and it all comes down to the hot button issue of illegal immigration. … Continue reading »

Presidential Hugs and Brickbats

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There’s plenty of coverage out there of President Barack Obama’s southern California trip… which leaves a niche politics blog to highlight something else — and that’s what a difference a few months can make.

In DC We Trust... Not Sacramento

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Californians sure are caught up in this hope and change vibe in politics. But only when it applies to what’s happening in the nation’s capital, not the state capital. That’s one of the conclusions to draw from tonight’s new poll … Continue reading »

The Audacity of... Federal Help

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Sacramento Loves Obama. For now, at least. Two bits of news trickling in from the nation’s capital are creating a stir inside the fiscally drained statehouse as the week begins. First, today’s headline that President Barack Obama is asking the … Continue reading »

In The Shadow of History

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Well, you won’t be surprised to learn things are quiet on this day in California’s statehouse, with all the political oxygen sucked out towards the east and the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States. Many of California’s … Continue reading »

The 45 Day, and $2 Billion, Budget Gamble

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[update 4:03 pm – Sigh. Welcome to another example of how the budget process is about as clear as mud. The original version of this posting reported that lack of legislative action on the current fiscal year’s deficit could add … Continue reading »

Arnold on Obama: Too Few Muscles, Too Much Money?

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It was vintage Arnold Schwarzenegger today in Columbus Ohio, as the guv stumped for GOP presidential nominee John McCain. Two parts of his intro of McCain are worth noting, the first for its mocking humor. “The next Arnold Classic [held … Continue reading »

The Guv's Win-Win?

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Governor Schwarzenegger’s appearance at the Bay Area Council’s annual event this morning felt more like a celebrity interview than a policy discussion, though perhaps that changed after the first 20 minutes or so… which is when the video feed went … Continue reading »