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Familiar Fight Heads Coastward

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It was the independent candidate in tomorrow’s election for California’s 15th state Senate district who got off the best line of the night in a recent candidates forum — cracking a joke about the occupations listed on the ballot of … Continue reading »

Budget +43: Impasse Yes, Furloughs No (For Now)

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It’s a tired old adage that “It’s always darkest just before dawn,” and yet that’s the usual course of summer budget impasses here at the state Capitol. Just when the problem seems most unfixable, a deal is struck and everyone … Continue reading »

Budget +40: No, No, Oh All Right

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No actual news to report on a new state budget –shocked, aren’t you? — but three other stories all with a tie to the state’s tenuous finances are out there tonight: a win for state workers facing another furlough Friday, … Continue reading »

Budget +34: "Governing Is A Tough Thing"

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That was a comment uttered Tuesday afternoon by the leader of the state Senate, and truer words have never been spoken… especially when it comes to the now annual saga of plugging the leaks in California’s seemingly sinking ship of … Continue reading »

Budget +29: Does California Have A Rainy Day Fund?

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As Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hits the road to talk to groups around the state about the stalled budget talks here in Sacramento, he keeps telling audiences that California has no reserve “rainy day” fund. It’s a statement that, one assumes, … Continue reading »

Untangling The Local-State Knot

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Talk to enough veterans of the world of California government and you come to realize that one key element in ‘fixing’ what ails the state may be trying to untangle the complicated, and often dysfunctional, relationship between cities and counties … Continue reading »

Budget +26: Kinder, Gentler PR

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has never been one to miss an opportunity to stoke the fires under the feet of legislative leaders when it comes to the now annual summer budget impasse. And that held true this morning in Los Angeles — … Continue reading »

Money (Not) In The Bank

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As we wait for yet another state budget impasse to be resolved, there’s one sure bet: the final deal will include assumptions about money that never materialize. Why is it a sure bet? Because they’ve been used in just about … Continue reading »

Budget +16: Paychecks Proceed

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There are going to be a lot of sighs breathed after today’s court hearing on whether most state employees will get minimum wage on August 2 — sighs of relief from workers and, perhaps, sighs of frustration from the administration … Continue reading »

Budget +9: Rhetorical Flourishes

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Perhaps it should be stipulated at the outset of this posting that virtually all elected officials frame data points in a way that helps make their case. Creative license in the world of politics knows no party or ideology… it … Continue reading »