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State Poised to Lose Indian Casino Cash?

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As legislators ratified a new state budget last week, it’s doubtful that many of them considered the dangers to that budget posed by the final legal smackdown of California’s attempt to get a cut of millions of dollars in tribal … Continue reading »

Arnold's Budget Legacy: The Problem Persists

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“Here’s my plan,” an earnest Arnold Schwarzenegger said in one of his most detailed TV ads during the 2003 recall campaign. “Audit everything. Open the books. And then we end the crazy deficit spending.” But it wasn’t so simple. And … Continue reading »

Podcast: Budgets Old, Budgets New

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Everything you always wanted to know, or maybe didn’t want to know, about the state budget was hashed and rehashed this week — by two different leading men. One on the way out, the other on the way in. This … Continue reading »

Schwarzenegger Polishes, Jabs on Budget Legacy

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Arnold Schwarzenegger summoned Capitol reporters this afternoon to discuss a $9.87 billion budget fix he’s asking legislators to approve. But what was much more interesting was Schwarzenegger’s defense– at times, somewhat angry — of his legacy on California’s fiscal woes.

Budget Talk? Yes. Budget Action? Dunno.

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By the end of this week, we’re going to be able to answer two pretty noteworthy questions about the state budget mess: what’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s final suggested fix, and what’s Jerry Brown’s opening gambit? Those questions are also a clear … Continue reading »

Schwarzenegger's Huzzah, Brown's Huddle

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A glitzy summit of a governor’s environmental achievements. A somber discussion of his successor’s challenges. Such was the contrast of the day spent by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown.

Sell Those Buildings, But At What Cost?

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As soon as next month, 11 office buildings owned and occupied by the state of California will drop the ‘owned’ part of that description, after clearing a major hurdle this morning that critics continue to say is a budget deal … Continue reading »

Schwarzenegger's 28 Day Budget Fix

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to call a special session of the Legislature to deal with the current year budget deficit, but here’s the thing: it’ll be with newly sworn in legislators and just four weeks before Schwarzenegger hands over … Continue reading »

Red Team's Election Blues

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Like the fans of a baseball team whose only hope of avoiding a shutout is the final batter, California Republicans are nervously watching the fate of Steve Cooley as they ponder what went so terribly wrong for the GOP brand … Continue reading »

Meg, Not Arnold, Makes World Series Bet

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Let’s state the obvious from the get-go: bets between politicians are corny. No one really cares what knickknack or cuisine from someone’s home state will be served up to the victor of a sporting event. But as the World Series … Continue reading »