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Doing The Maldo Limbo

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It was a day full of partisan bickering, political maneuvering, and threatened legal action. In short… the kind of day that’s helped fuel the perception that California’s statehouse is stuck in never-ending dysfunction. And through all that, by day’s end … Continue reading »

CHP, CalFire Exempt From Pay Cut

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 35 — As various state agencies continue to decide which workers would, and would not, be exempt from Governor Schwarzenegger’s executive order suspending all but minimum wages for their work in August, there’s now word that two … Continue reading »

Governor Says Yes To New Indian Casino

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Governor Schwarzenegger has agreed to a new expansion of Indian gaming in California, and for the the second time in his tenure he’s made a casino deal that seems to set precedent. This time: two tribes from different regions of … Continue reading »