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Budget +55: "Robbed Blind"

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You never can tell whether a ratcheting up of rhetoric in the annual budget impasse means the fight is escalating… or coming to an end. Either way, things are getting ugly… just take today’s assertion by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that … Continue reading »

Budget +43: Impasse Yes, Furloughs No (For Now)

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It’s a tired old adage that “It’s always darkest just before dawn,” and yet that’s the usual course of summer budget impasses here at the state Capitol. Just when the problem seems most unfixable, a deal is struck and everyone … Continue reading »

Dems Push For One Less Furlough Day

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Arguing that the furloughs of tens of thousands of state workers is “costing the state money and further hurting the economy,” the leader of the state Senate says he intends to push a plan to trim the three days of … Continue reading »

"We've Stalled Over Education"

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That was the assessment of Assembly Speaker Karen Bass as negotiations over the state’s massive budget deficit ended tonight with no deal, a major change in tone from earlier in the day when a deal seemed imminent. The ‘Big Five’ … Continue reading »

Guv's Plan B Deficit Fix

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Governor Schwarzenegger’s advisers say he’s made it clear to Democratic legislative leaders that he will accept an alternate set of proposals from his $24 billion May deficit solution, one that neither eliminates entire programs nor raises taxes.

No Budge In Budget CrisisStandoffChaos

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Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead. If you missed that cultural reference, then here’s the straight ahead approach: the budget impasse is still an impasse. Democratic legislative leaders summoned reporters this afternoon to announce that have now sent their recently … Continue reading »

Add $3.1 Billion to Budget Deficit?

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There’s a chance the budget hole just got deeper, if the courts side with the man tapped to resolve problems with health care in California’s prisons. Clark Kelso, the federal court appointed receiver for prison health care, decided today to … Continue reading »

CHP, CalFire Exempt From Pay Cut

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 35 — As various state agencies continue to decide which workers would, and would not, be exempt from Governor Schwarzenegger’s executive order suspending all but minimum wages for their work in August, there’s now word that two … Continue reading »

Do I Hear 20? Going Once...

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If you’re one of those folks who are following the latest discussions about the fiscal troubles of the state, a word of advice: believe everything. Or nothing. Or something in between. Spending and revenue estimates in Sacramento are always like … Continue reading »