Podcast: Not So Surprising

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There's a lot of talk about calamity this week -- courtesy of one hyperpublicized apocalyptic prediction -- but hey, we've been living with the doom and gloom for years in California... at least when it comes to the state's finances.

Even so, this week's Capital Notes Podcast focuses on a very different set of not-so-surprising revelations: Governor Jerry Brown's revised budget. The fiscal plan has been tweaked, but also seems very much on the path Brown laid out back in January.

Anthony York of the Los Angeles Times and I chat about some of the most noteworthy debate points, like the timing of a tax election. We also briefly read the tea leaves from this week's big special election for an LA seat in Congress, and discuss... well... why we're not really discussing that other much-talked-about story of the week.

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Republicans Rumble, Reconcile at Confab

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KQED/John Myers

Republicans are fond of invoking just about everything Ronald Reagan, but their biannual state convention routinely sees shattered into tiny pieces what Reagan liked to call the party's 11th Commandment: thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.

This weekend's confab here in Sacramento was no exception. In fact, even though the end of the weekend saw reconciliation on a few fronts, a larger question may linger on: can the state GOP be right... and win... at the same time?
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