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Budget +100: Night Moves

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Not too far into the marathon Thursday night/Friday morning budget drama at the state Capitol, it became clear that what we were witnessing was not so much a lesson in civics as it was a lesson in relationships. As in … Continue reading »

Budget +97: Now, Some Details

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On the eve of the first public vetting of the long-awaited agreement over a new state budget, we’re getting a look at some of the details in a deal which seems to have offered something for everyone to cheer… and … Continue reading »

Budget +93: At Last, A Deal

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And now, perhaps the beginning of the end of a saga we’re all tired of living through: legislative leaders and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have finally resolved their differences over a new spending plan for the state. The agreement announced tonight … Continue reading »

Budget +89: Still Framing the Framework

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Governor Schwarzenegger and the legislative leaders are scheduled to meet this afternoon to talk about the still uncompleted work on their budget “framework” announced last week. Which means we still can’t say for sure if this is the real deal. … Continue reading »

Budget +85: "Framework" Deal

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Well, it looks like this could all be over… finally… in a few more days. The Capitol is buzzing after a spokesperson for Governor Schwarzenegger sent the following email to reporters at 4:01 p.m. Thursday afternoon: “The Governor and Legislative … Continue reading »

Budget +82: The Week Ahead

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This may sound ludicrous to those outside the state Capitol, but there’s a sense around here that lawmakers have finally gotten serious about agreeing to a new budget. Yep, that’s only about 12 weeks after the fiscal year began. The … Continue reading »

Budget +78: Back At It

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Chances are that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body clock is still many time zones ahead of ours — in fact, it’s already the 79th day of the state budget impasse in the countries where he spent most of the past week … Continue reading »

Podcast: Tick, Tick, Tick

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That ticking sound is getting louder. For lawmakers inside the state Capitol, it’s the ticking of the minutes, hours, and days since the fiscal year began without a budget. In the race for governor, it’s the ticking down of the … Continue reading »

Budget +71: Enough Cash... For Now

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And now, the rare good news as the 2010 budget impasses continues to slouch toward the top (bottom?) of the record books: the state appears to have enough cash in the bank to avoid sending out IOUs anytime soon. That’s … Continue reading »

Budget +70: Going The Distance?

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No one involved in crafting a new spending plan for state government will say so, but it’s starting to feel safe to assume that the 2010 impasse will end up being the longest fiscal fight in California history — not … Continue reading »