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A 2011 Special Election if Brown Wins?

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There are no scheduled statewide elections next year. But to hear Jerry Brown talk about what he’d do as governor, it sounds as though he’s certainly contemplating one — a special election to help solve the state’s seemingly unending budget … Continue reading »

More Budget Bits...

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Now that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new budget proposal has had a day to marinate, let’s take a look at a few small, but noteworthy items and themes found among the many micro-facts.

The Election That Tanked

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There hasn’t been much of a post-mortem among politicos about the May 19 election — partially because the state’s fiscal crisis hasn’t allowed time for pondering, but also because it’s seemed pretty darn clear: the voters thought the budget deficit … Continue reading »

Gonna Budget Like It's 1999

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Party over, oops, out of time! So tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999. — Prince Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger suggested dusting off the script of a movie he wasn’t in today, Back To The Future, in telling reporters that the … Continue reading »

Special Delivery From Voters: No x 5

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And now, the least surprising news of the political year: the special election called by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Legislature to help solve the state’s budget dilemma was a bust. The voters have spoken. And their very loud answer … Continue reading »

Toys, Travels, Teabags?

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On this day before the big special election, there’s a pretty noticeable quiet around the state Capitol, as California’s budget needs will soon (and somewhat) be in the hands of the voters. Until then, a few odds and ends related … Continue reading »

And Now, We Wait

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The revised budget, two of them actually, from Governor Schwarzenegger suggests a grim pathway out of another multi-billion dollar budget hole. The question now: will the hole be almost another 50% deeper come Wednesday, after the voters weigh in? For … Continue reading »

Prop 1F: The May 19 Guillotine

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You’re angry. You want to punish the politicians. And so… if you’re like your fellow Californian who’s been polled in recent weeks… you’re going to cast a vote for Proposition 1F with glee. Off with their heads, er, pay raises! … Continue reading »

If Props Fail, $21.3 Billion Deficit

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Late word this evening that will get everyone’s attention: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has informed legislative leaders that if three of the six budget-related ballot measures fail next Tuesday, the state faces a $21.3 billion deficit between now and next July. … Continue reading »

The Modifying Measures, Props 1D & 1E

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It’s one of the maxims of California politics: what the voters do, often only the voters can undo. And that’s the real story of Proposition 1D and Proposition 1E, both which were placed on the ballot by the Legislature in … Continue reading »