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Podcast: Career Advancement

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Two (or three, actually) legislators angling for two separate high-profile jobs at the same time? Sounds like a podcast theme! In this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we discuss the battle over who will be the new Speaker of the California … Continue reading »

Not Gone, Just Not Here

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If you’ve logged on to this blog recently and wondered why I’m not covering, well, anything… there’s a simple explanation. Last weekend, Jonah Henry Haines Myers decided to finally arrive… a great relief, as you can imagine, to my wife. … Continue reading »

Radio Silence

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Sorry, folks. We seem to be having some scheduling troubles… looks as though the weekly podcast is again MIA. Given the lack of activity in Sacramento, the timing isn’t as bad as it could be. Stay tuned…


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Just a small moment of shameless self promotion. I’m honored to report that Capital Notes has just won the first-ever award for reporter blogs from the Northern California chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. A big thanks to all … Continue reading »


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In the event you missed the note at the bottom of last week’s post-budget item, I’m on furlough this week… part of KQED’s budget crunch that hit most of our news staffers a couple of weeks ago, but yours truly … Continue reading »


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As budget debating and voting happens tonight, catch my Twitter feed for updates as long as the thumbs hold up. And no, you don’t have to join Twitter to read it. More here later…

Control Those Pesky Politicians, Says TV Ad

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The opening TV ad from the omnibus campaign to pass all six budget ballot measures is out, and it’s clear that the campaign is appealing to the popular sentiment that only voters can rein in those pesky politicians. The ad … Continue reading »

"Protect Priorities," Says First TV Ad

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With the statewide special election now less than five weeks away, the first TV ad of the campaign to pass the budget-related measures is out. And given its backers, it’s not surprising which measures it promotes.

Maldo's Uber Sales Pitch

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Unless something incredibly crazy happens, here’s the first and only campaign prediction you’ll see on this newsblog: Proposition 1F is going to pass on May 19. Big time. The last public poll showed a whopping 81% of voters surveyed like … Continue reading »

Radio Ads: Budget Campaign's First Salvo

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The first campaign ads have been released by backers of the six budget-related ballot measures, sending a simple and expected message to voters: vote yes or things will get worse.