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Does Brown's Budget Have a Pulse?

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Shortly after Senate Republicans, even those who have been negotiating with Governor Jerry Brown, told reporters that they wouldn’t vote to conditionally extend Brown’s tax package, the so-called “bridge” plan, the leader of the Senate’s majority party offered the quote … Continue reading »

Brown Blocks Dems' Budget Shot

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In a move that set the Capitol ablaze with chatter and — depending on your company — either praise or scorn, Governor Jerry Brown today vetoed the budget sent to him less than 24 hours ago by his fellow Democrats. … Continue reading »

One for the Record Books

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It took less than six hours for both houses of the Legislature to ratify all of the components of a new state budget and send them to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown. As Capitol denizens know, that’s virtual light … Continue reading »

Budget Revisions But Staying the Course

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If Governor Jerry Brown has a backup plan to extending several billion dollars in taxes, he’s not showing it. Not yet, at least. Brown’s revised budget, unveiled at a very lengthy news conference (by gubernatorial standards) on Monday morning marks … Continue reading »

Will School Funding Help Brown Sell Budget?

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For months, Governor Jerry Brown’s political strategy to get his cut-and-tax budget plan approved has been to make public schools the poster child for what would happen without additional tax dollars. A new poll suggests that while the strategy has … Continue reading »

"Every Day, Keep Pounding Away"

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If you didn’t already know what Governor Jerry Brown’s budget strategy is at the moment, the above quote pretty much says it all. More than a month after his self-imposed deadline expired and facing either equal or intensified GOP opposition, … Continue reading »

Brown's GOP Critique Heats Up

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Whether Governor Jerry Brown is making any headway with finding even a modicum of Republican support under the Capitol dome for his taxes election is unknown. But what’s crystal clear is that Brown has abandoned his gentle prodding of GOP … Continue reading »

No Mas, Says Brown

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Jerry Brown has been in politics for a long time, so you have to assume he’s not surprised by what happened Tuesday afternoon. Disappointed maybe, but not surprised. 78 days after sending legislators his plan to erase the latest in … Continue reading »

Is That Your Final Offer?

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The 2011 budget saga feels every bit like the dreadful haggling over buying a car, with tactics ranging from the “How much are you looking for in a monthly payment?” to “Show me the invoice” and the ever-popular, “Let me … Continue reading »

In Search of Budget Dénouement

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If ever a process was in need of someone who, as Kenny Rogers would sing, would “know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,” it’s probably the 2011 budget saga. Even so, it looks like we’re going to … Continue reading »