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Podcast: The 12-Step Pension Plan

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Like any good 12-step recovery plan, Governor Jerry Brown’s 12-point proposal to change the system of pensions for government workers includes both an admission that there’s a problem… and a willingness to change. But the plan, even if it ultimately … Continue reading »

Podcast: Full Disclosure

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Political junkies always struggle with what they know… and what they want to know. It’s true not only of what’s happening at any given time, but what may be on the electoral horizon. In this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, David … Continue reading »

Podcast: Breaking Our Silence

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Like the legendary Phoenix rising from the ashes, or else the annoying in-law who just won’t take a hint, our weekly political chat is back. Back from our longer-than-expected hiatus, this week’s Capital Notes Podcast digs through the rubble of … Continue reading »

Podcast: Sue Me Summer

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Now that the budget is wrapped and the Legislature has gone on summer vacation, things are all said and done in Sacramento, right? Not so fast. This week’s Capital Notes Podcast examines the soon-to-come battles over the budget and its … Continue reading »

Podcast: Happy New Year

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Your idea of a fun day in July may be sitting poolside with a cold drink. But in Sacramento, it’s celebrating the passage of time… in fiscal terms, that is. And this year, unlike so many others, the budget is … Continue reading »

Podcast: Spare Some Change?

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Who says legislators aren’t doing a better job these days of spending less of your money? After all, they are spending almost $49,000 a day less. That’s their missing salary and per diem payments, of course. This week’s Capital Notes … Continue reading »

Podcast: Separation of Powers

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The legislative branch has the power of the purse, the executive branch the power to reject those spending plans. A simple part of every civics lesson, rarely on display more clearly than this week in Sacramento. But also quite clear: … Continue reading »

Podcast: Esoteric and Significant

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That’s one way to describe the process of redistricting, which is all the buzz this weekend in California political circles. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we take a look at the draft maps released on Friday morning by the … Continue reading »

Podcast: Framing the Debate

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As the calendar ticks toward the first of the formal state budget deadlines, expect a lot more attempts by everyone to frame the issues… and solutions… in ways to their liking. This week’s Capital Notes Podcast examines some of those … Continue reading »

Podcast: Not So Surprising

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There’s a lot of talk about calamity this week — courtesy of one hyperpublicized apocalyptic prediction — but hey, we’ve been living with the doom and gloom for years in California… at least when it comes to the state’s finances. … Continue reading »