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The Whip Snaps at High Speed Rail... and More

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For the man whose Central Valley hometown is supposed to be an anchor point in the first construction phase of high speed rail, Rep. Kevin McCarthy seems intent on doing everything he can do block the project. And given McCarthy … Continue reading »

Notebook: Taxes, Maps, Parallel Universes

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If there’s one sure way to get a reporter’s attention, it’s to amend a contentious piece of legislation with so many new proposals as to make it a symbolic rallying cry… and… a candidate for political squeeze play of the … Continue reading »

$119 Million and Counting for Whitman

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Late on Tuesday, the campaigns of the two major candidates for governor sent in campaign contribution notices (as required by law) to the Secretary of State’s office. Jerry Brown reported new contributions totaling $305,810; Meg Whitman reported contributions of $15,494,399. … Continue reading »

New Anti-Brown Ad Has Familiar Ring

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A TV ad funded by a business advocacy organization attacking the long record of Jerry Brown, featuring a morphing of a younger Brown into his current self, and criticizing the Democrat’s record as governor more than two decades ago. This … Continue reading »

The Audacity of Austerity

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“We cannot afford what’s going on here.” That comment, one of many over the course of a half hour long interview, seems to exemplify the real core of Meg Whitman’s campaign for governor — a campaign that will go down … Continue reading »

The Next Lite Guv

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Abel Maldonado will take the oath of office tomorrow to become California’s 47th lieutenant governor. With that, he will make history in one way — the first Republican* Latino statewide official since 1875 — while hoping to avoid making history … Continue reading »

The Worldly Observations of Jerry Brown

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In this morning’s story on The California Report recapping the California Democratic Party’s convention, I attempted to convey the top election year priority of many delegates — jobs and the economy — and how that concern might play out in … Continue reading »

Bendy Straws? Palin Stanislaus Fracas Heats Up

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To hear Ashli Briggs and Alicia Lewis tell it, dumpster diving really paid off. This morning, the two Cal State Stanislaus students appeared at a Capitol news conference to say they had found six pages of the heretofore confidential contract … Continue reading »

Hard Work Ahead for California, Says Brown

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Consistent, but adjusting. Leading, but not dictating. Work, not blame. Those are just a few of the boiled down themes Jerry Brown offered for both the political life he’s lived, and the quest he’s now beginning, in a wide ranging … Continue reading »

For Brown, The Beginning of the End

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In a quip he made to the New York Times last year, one the paper reprinted this morning, Jerry Brown joked that the job of governor isn’t much of a career builder. “It’s more of a career ender,” said the … Continue reading »