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A Climate Campaign?

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If you’re a backer of Jerry Brown’s gubernatorial campaign and you read tonight’s new statewide poll, you’ve got to be saying to yourself: can he make this campaign about climate change? Okay, maybe not a campaign exclusively about the issue. … Continue reading »

Unions, Tribes, And Now... Oil

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Over the years, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has reserved a unique place in his own political purgatory for groups he calls “special interests.” The membership list had remained pretty unchanged since 2003. That is, until last week. Organized labor, Indian gaming … Continue reading »

Governor Ditches T-Ridge

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Well, did you see this one coming? Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today pulled his support for the controversial Tranquillon Ridge oil drilling project, effectively killing a project that had only become more controversial ever since he endorsed it more than a … Continue reading »

T-Ridge: Not So Fast, Says Maldo

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It appears Abel Maldonado is one step closer to becoming California’s next lieutenant governor after today’s vote by the Assembly Rules Committee, with a full Assembly vote now scheduled for tomorrow. But comments today from Maldo, as well as the … Continue reading »

Oil Drilling Deal, Act III

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Set aside the details of today’s unveiling of a revised deal that seeks to swap new, limited offshore oil drilling in exchange for early shutdown of larger drilling operations plus land protection… and here’s the bottom line: Is there anything … Continue reading »

Maldo: No On Oil Drilling Plan

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If there was any ambiguity about where California’s lieutenant governor designate stands on a current controversial oil drilling proposal, then the politician himself seems to have settled the issue — for now — by putting himself on the same side … Continue reading »

Drill, Maybe, Drill

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Few proposals have had as many twists and turns in 2009 as a plan to allow new oil drilling in waters less than three miles off the California coast. But even after serious setbacks, few expect the proposal to fade … Continue reading »

He Asks for "Delay." She Urges "Restraint."

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The public policy battle of the week has featured a looming deadline for California gas station owners… and demands that the deadline be extended. But more interesting politically is what kind of official response would be given to one of … Continue reading »

The Audacity of... Federal Help

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Sacramento Loves Obama. For now, at least. Two bits of news trickling in from the nation’s capital are creating a stir inside the fiscally drained statehouse as the week begins. First, today’s headline that President Barack Obama is asking the … Continue reading »

Colorless, Odorless... and a Long Ways Away

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Catching up on some news that happened while we were closely watching all things budget impasse… there’s yet another dose of cold water on one of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pet projects: vehicles powered by hydrogen. Last Thursday, the National Research … Continue reading »