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We Don't Need No (Budget) Education

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The latest statewide survey of California voters is getting a lot of attention for what it says about candidates for statewide office and how the state’s citizens feel about the economy and the fiscal woes of its government. It also … Continue reading »

Leg Analyst: Guv's 'Odd Couple' Too Odd

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“We recommend rejection of this proposal.” That’s about as simple as it gets in Capitol budget terms, and that’s the bottom line of the Legislative Analyst’s Office after examining Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s novel proposal to link funding for prisons with … Continue reading »

It's A Prop 98 Thing, You Wouldn't Understand

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If you took out a calculator, added up some numbers, and hit “equals,” you’d expect an answer that was indisputable, right? Now imagine there were certain buttons on the calculator that would make the math turn out differently. Or suppose … Continue reading »

"We've Stalled Over Education"

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That was the assessment of Assembly Speaker Karen Bass as negotiations over the state’s massive budget deficit ended tonight with no deal, a major change in tone from earlier in the day when a deal seemed imminent. The ‘Big Five’ … Continue reading »

Teachers v. Arnold: The Sequel

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The debate over erasing California’s massive budget deficit may now be headed into a new, and particularly bitter phase… as arguably the state’s most powerful interest group hammers Governor Schwarzenegger for his suggestion to further reduce spending on public schools.

Prop 1B: The One Time Fix

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Four of the six measures on next month’s statewide ballot seek to pull money, from various sources, to help plug the state’s immediate and near-term budget hole. One of them, if voters approve, would widen that hole by more than … Continue reading »

The California Paradox

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When people speak of “The French Paradox,” they’re referring to that pesky disconnect between the high fat diets of the people of France and their relatively low rates of heart disease. But perhaps we need to promote our own paradox … Continue reading »

The Budget Rorschach Test

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For a statehouse reporter covering the annual budget dance, there’s nothing like the ink blot that is public school funding. Look at it one way and it looks like an area of state government that every year gets more and … Continue reading »