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Amended Bills: Pet Sterilization, Porn Tax

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With the looming deadline for legislation to clear policy committees in the state Capitol, some of the more noteworthy bills of the two year sesssion are being either tweaked or virtually rewritten. Two of the bills that are newly modified … Continue reading »

Pet Sterilization, Round Two?

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A few days ago, a new billboard went up alongside Interstate 5 here in Sacramento, at a location on the freeway where you can see the dome of the state Capitol in the background. That’s not by accident. The above … Continue reading »

College Cuts, Porn Tax, and... More?

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Where else would a headline like that be written than here at the state Capitol? A few items of note as the week begins… A NEW TAXXX: Today was lobbying day for the adult entertainment industry, one of the more … Continue reading »

No Federal Approval, No Casino?

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Legislation to change how, and possibly where, new Indian casinos are built in California cleared its first hurdle today at the state Capitol. For years, the most controversial part of the tribal gaming process has been casinos proposed for land … Continue reading »

Socially Responsible or Fiscal Fiasco?

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A controversial piece of legislation linking the human rights records of some foreign governments to how and where California’s pension funds can invest… has been shelved for the time being. Several weeks of intense behind-the-scenes debate over new efforts to … Continue reading »