Podcast: Retirement, Realignment, Republicans

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No word seems to dominate the political lexicon these days more than "optics," the acknowledgement that how something looks can sometimes be more important than what it really turns out to be.

This week's Capital Notes Podcast examines some of the optics of what could be called the three "Rs": so called "retirement security" in California, the ongoing realignment of government services, and the efforts of state Republicans to slow the shrinking of their political footprint.

Marisa Lagos of the San Francisco Chronicle and I check in on the latest moves in Sacramento by both parties to gain the upper hand in defining the pension/retirement debate; a quick check from this week's assessment of realignment; and a short things-to-watch for in the weekend GOP confab happening just outside that oh-so-friendly-to-Republicans city, San Francisco.

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John Myers is Sacramento Bureau Chief for KQED Public Radio and "The California Report," heard daily on 23 public radio stations across the Golden State.

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